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    Default Second Look at OX

    So about 2 years ago we looked at OX and decided at the time it was not for us at that time. Not enough customer base etc. We are back looking for a workgroup package to offer our webhosting customers.

    I currently have running the VMware UCS Demo and I have a question. Originally when I looked OX there was a ton of CLI work required for setting up accounts. Running the UCS Demo I see there is a admin gui of sorts, the demo only allows for personal use and one domain setup.

    If running a Hosting Edition license can UCS be used or will it be a 100% CLI administration.

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    The Open-Xchange software itself has no admin webfrontend. UCS is not meant to provide multi tenant setups though.

    Open-Xchange provides CLI interfaces and also Java RMI and SOAP interfaces for provisioning. Usually that is sufficient for most of our partners since they already run provisioning systems for everything else and only need to integrate our interface in the existing system.
    What we also provide is a Parallels POA package to integrate OX provisioning into POA environments:

    Then in addition there are a few third party solutions to provide provisioning integration:

    - for ISPconfig from a german provider: http://www.systemschmiede.com/de/pro...-for-ispconfig
    - also german: http://oxadmin.de/

    These products are not supported from Open-Xchange though.

    If you are running a webhosting business I would expect you already have some solution to manage or let the customer manage his webhosting package. In that case you would probably "just" integrate with our SOAP interface. I understand that this "just" can be some work depending on your current solution.


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