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    Default Open-Xchange releases OX SE / App Suite v6.22.7/v7.6.0 for Univention Corporate Serve

    Open-Xchange releases OX SE / App Suite v6.22.7/v7.6.0 for Univention Corporate Server v3.2

    Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the release of OX Server Edition v6.22.7 and OX App Suite v7.6.0 for Univention Corporate Server v3.2.

    The main focus for this release of OX App Suite is an improved web frontend design and usability enhancements for all applications. With OX App Suite for Univention Corporate Server v7.6.0, Open-Xchange has made significant improvements to the general design concept of how users navigate and maximize the benefits of the App Suite interface. The v7.6.0 launch provides a new toolbar concept with a flat default theme that accentuates these design improvements.

    In addition, powerful developments to the OX Documents components like OX Text and the new OX Spreadsheet are now available. A more detailed overview of all the improvements to OX App Suite and the Open-Xchange Server 6 can be found at http://software.open-xchange.com/pro...ents_7_6_0.pdf

    Open-Xchange shipped packages and versions:
    • Open-Xchange App Suite backend v7.6.0-rev8
    • Open-Xchange OX6 backend v7.6.0-rev8
    • Open-Xchange App Suite frontend v7.6.0-rev7
    • Open-Xchange OX6 frontend v6.22.7-rev7
    • Open-Xchange USM v7.6.0-rev8
    • Open-Xchange Connector for Microsoft Outlook v7.2.8
    • Open-Xchange Connector for Business Mobility v7.6.0-rev7
    • Open-Xchange Textfrontend v7.6.0-rev7
    • Open-Xchange Textbackend v7.6.0-rev7
    • Open-Xchange Documentconverter v7.6.0-rev7
    • Open-Xchange Readerengine v7.6.0-rev7

    Complete Release Notes can be found at:

    All updates for OX SE / App Suite for UCS will be available in Univention App Center. Please check the UMC module App Center for updates of the application Open-Xchange Server Edition / OX App Suite. Please reboot the complete system after the update.
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