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    Jul 2014

    Question OX EAS display connected equipment


    Is it planned to see connected devices with EAS accounts ?

    With OWA, we can see the devices and the last synchronization date, model, software version, ...
    When we activate the debug mode in OX EAS, I saw they had this information in the TXT log file.

    Do you plan to list this information in AppSuite and allow for example to remotely wipe the mobile (if it has been lost, or if one is stolen).

    On this forum I've see that one member have develop a backend for Z-Push to work with OX.
    And Z-Push can remotely delete data from the device and list mobile connected with one account, last sync and others infos.

    Horde have already integrate this features (display connected equipment, wipe, security, ...)

    That would be great if OX can a little see what Z-Push (or Horde) do and ... "copy" it

    Bests Regards,

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    +1 thoose features would be very useful!


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