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    Default App Suite and pop3 mail


    I am using the App Suite (7.6.0 Rev10) on Debian Whezzy with dovecot and ldap (ads). The user has to login vs. the imap server, the users are synced with the ldap-ads script and a cron job.

    Everything works fine, except additional E-Mail Accounts. I can add a second imap account, the mail is listed, and the smtp server is available.

    Adding a pop account results in some weird behavior. After the next login the pop account has vanished (but seems to be still there, since adding it again result in an error: "given email already exits"), the smtp server is not availble, not even listed. Fetching the mail does not work.

    I tried to find some info with reference to the ox fetchmail concept, to see if I have to integrate an external fetchmail server, or if there is need for an acl config on dovecot, etc., but without any luck so far.


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    apt-get install open-xchange-unifiedmail
    apt-get install open-xchange-pop3

    Nice to know^^


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