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    Oct 2011

    Default openxchange with dovecot? or cyrus?

    hello every1,

    i am using open-xchange with postfix, cyrus and mysql.
    it works really good and i like the way users can manage their own mailfilters and can see how much space they used of their quotas.

    now i would like to replace cyrus with dovecot and was wondering if my users could still manage their own mailfilters. can they still see the used space of their quotas?
    shared maildirectories?

    does any1 has this configuration running and could give me some feedback?
    i am not asking for a total howto.
    i just want to know if the change to dovecot is worth the work, or should i stay with cyrus.

    thx to any reply and have a nice day all!!

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    Sep 2007


    Yes, Dovecot provides all those features and OX as frontend with Dovecot backend does as well.
    In fact more OX systems use Dovecot than Cyrus I'd say.

    In general Dovecot has more features which can be leveraged by OX (afaik, but my Cyrus knowledge is a bit rusty and it may have got those in recent versions as well) like
    - consideration for SPECIAL-USE folders
    - date based vacation rules
    - a virtual all folder which can be used for global search

    But one thing you shouldn't expect from Dovecot: easier configuration ;-)
    All the features and configurability makes it more complex to set up than Cyrus.

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    Oct 2011


    thx wolfgang for your reply.

    i think i will take a closer look at dovecot.

    if i will switch over to dovecot, i don't know yet, let's see.....


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