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    Jul 2014

    Talking bugfixes forgotten in OXtender 7.2.10


    I reported several bugs that were fixed in the new version, but I do not see them in the note.

    Comment on bug 33467
    fixed with 7.2.10

    Comment on bug 33465
    fixed with 7.2.10

    OK I'm a small customer (10 Users AppSuite :: 210Eur).
    But I've think when the team say bug would fixed, it would be fixed

    For the moment I can't try again the connector 7.2.10, my OX server it's still up, but I try BlueMind with mail mails. (beacause severals bugs still persist with OX Appsuite).
    And I can check if the fix was forgotten on the note or if the fix was forgotten with the 7.2.10 realease

    If one OX agent can check, before I delete my BlueMind profile (on Outlook) and setup OXtender again


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    Sep 2007


    Expect them to be fixed. From everything I see in Bugzilla I would expect it ;-)

    The release notes are compiled based on bugs reported from customers through our support. This is to make sure that customers with SLAs find their own reported incident in the release notes.
    You reported your bugs directly to bugzilla which is fine in general but there is no support or SLA involved and those bugs are in most cases not mentioned in the release notes. (exceptions are security issues for example)

    There is no "full changelog" in the release notes currently.

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    Jul 2014


    Hi Wolfgang,

    I've think the release contain the FULL changelog
    Now I know that only paid support ticket are reported

    I would try next week for my 2 BUGS.

    Thank for your time for have check the bug and have post the reply to the forum.

    And sorry for it, I did not know that is only a limited changelog


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