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    Default How to migrate context or user to oxadminmaster, subadmin or context of other server

    How can I do it ?

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    those are some unspecific questions ;-)
    I can try to give a few hints for the different things.

    "migrate context or user to oxadminmaster"
    oxadminmaster is no OX user. It only exists to manage contexts through the admin api. Therefore you cannot promote a normal OX user to be oxadminmaster

    "migrate context or user to subadmin"
    Not exactly sure what you mean with "subadmin".
    If it's the contextadmin it's not possible this way. A context is always connected to the contextadmin. The contextadmin data can be changed though. But just promoting some user to be contextadmin is not possible.

    "migrate context or user to context of other server "
    If that is a completely different OX system it's a tough task.
    There is for example:
    but it's not designed to restore into a different system since it assumes that everything around the context is identical.
    (like schema name, context ids etc)
    Another approach would be a migration like creating the same context and users on the other system and migrate data afterwards.
    Data migration can be implemented using the http api or there are also service providers to do that task for you, like

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    I mean . Now I has OX-Server1 that just has a context ( id 71 ) ,It is created by oxadminmaster.
    also I has OX-server2 that has subadmin1 ,It is created by oxadminmaster follow this acticel http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=Reseller_Bundle .

    I want to migrate context id 71 to subadmin1. Is it okie for work ?
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    up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I've already try the ContextRestore_Bundle for migrate one context to another, but it's does not work.

    My context:
    Serveur 1 have not enought memory for ox, and I've order a new server, I've just 1 context with 5 users.
    I've apply the process like the Wiki Guide, but, I've alway one error...

    The best way was make again the context on the new server, create again the 5 users and log with outlook of the 5 users, create a PST with contacts and calendars, on use the OX uploader for upload all PST to the new server.


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