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    Default Open-Xchange releases OX Guard v1.0.0 for OX App Suite

    Open-Xchange releases OX Guard v1.0.0 for OX App Suite

    Dear Customers and Partners of Open-Xchange,

    Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the release of OX Guard v1.0.0.

    OX Guard is a fully integrated security add-on to OX App Suite that provides end users with a flexible email and file encryption solution. OX Guard is a highly scalable, multi server, feature rich solution that is so simple-to-use that end users will actually use it. With a single click a user can take control of their security and send secure emails and share encrypted files. This can be done from any device to both OX App Suite and non-OX App Suite users. The browser-based reader for non-OX App Suite users is also perfect for advertising and viral user acquisition.

    The essentials are:

    • Simple to use - One click encryption
    • Easy to install and configure
    • Not bound to an OX App Suite environment
    • External reader is customisable and brandable
    • End user based encryption as opposed to provider based encryption
    • Reset forgotten passwords
    • Scalable with multi server capabilities
    • Email and File encryption
    • Secondary Password capability for individual files or emails
    • Email retraction/timeout capability
    • Share encrypted files
    • Send encrypted files
    • Not bound to a single device

    You can learn more about OX Guard here:


    Pricing and Availability

    If you wish to evaluate OX Guard please contact your Open-Xchange Sales rep. They will process the request and provide pricing and license key details.

    Shipped Packages and Version:

    • OX Guard v1.0.0-rev3

    Complete Release Notes can be found at:


    For details of how to install OX Guard please refer to the instructions given at


    Best regards,
    Your Open-Xchange Team
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