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    Default Limit number of users in one context

    Hi evrybody ,
    I want to know if there is a limit to number of users can we create in one context ?
    Is it true that open exchange recommends to not exeed 5000 users per context ?

    Thank you for your help .

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    Sep 2007


    The exact number depends on many things:
    - permission sets for the users (groupware, PIM ...)
    - used Open-Xchange frontend (OX6 / OX App Suite)
    probably some others.

    There can be certainly more users per context if they do not have the full groupware access (global addressbook access).
    Also I think there can be more with groupware access but there is no way to give you a fixed number.
    The limiting factor are some requests which transfer for example all users from the backend to the browser.
    So I'd guesstimate if you go above 10000 users per context you can try but should be prepared for some possible performance issues or clarify with us exactly what we can promise based on the overall architecture.


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