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    Default Change Default Mailaddress to an other mail account not possible?

    Hi there

    I have 3 thinis I need to know, maybe you can help me? Thanks!

    I installed my OX Appsuite now with LDAP support. I only use LDAP for usermanagement, I want them to handle all data in the mysql db (LDAP only as admin-face). This works very well with oxldapsync.

    I setup everything, but i am not able to set any other on the logged in user created email address as default than the one entered at usercreate. Why is that not possible or what do i wrong?

    Account overview:

    Default Sender Address (where is the 2nd mail?):

    And last of all (I dont know if this sticks to the other thing), when I open the Mail Tab, I get this error, but mail fetch from my imap works as usual and I set all folders (sent/spam, etc.):

    And why am I not able to set an "inbox" folder as well as sent, draft,...?

    UI version: 7.6.0 Rev11
    Server version: 7.6.0-Rev23
    mysql with ldap sync on ubuntu 14.04 / debian 7.6 (tested and same things on both)
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    Well, i updated my ldap to pass every parameter right there. But I have one last question - If I pass the Imap- and SMTP server information from there, how am I able to pass also the password to the imap- and smtp-authentication? I really cant find it.

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    Honestly I cannot follow what you are describing so my answers probably are not helping for real but I try to clarify some basics:

    email aliases need to be provisioned (see changeuser --help) otherwise there won't be an option to choose another email as sender.

    In your first screenshot you have got one additional "external" account so I'm wondering if your primary mail account is set up at all?
    The error message in the third screenshot suggests that something is messed up with your different mail accounts but from your description I don't get what you have done.

    For the imap and smtp passwords. For your primary mail account we always use your session password you entered at login time.


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