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    Default Open-Xchange OX SE / App Suite v6.22.8/v7.6.1 available for Univention Corporate Serv

    Open-Xchange OX SE / App Suite v6.22.8/v7.6.1 available for Univention Corporate Server v4.0

    OX App Suite is the secure, one-stop, centralized hub for all your customers’ online requirements. Uniting email, calendar, contacts, file storage, office productivity, social media and more, it is the digital place to be – today and tomorrow.

    Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the availability of OX SE / App Suite v6.22.8/v7.6.1 for recently released Univention Corporate Server 4.0.

    Main Features and benefits of Univention Corporate Server v4.0
    • The design and the usability of the UCS management system were completely revamped to allow the comfortable administration with tablets and smartphones via a responsive design.
    • UCS 4.0 is based on Debian GNU/Linux 7.7 (Wheezy). More than 16,000 source packages were updated and customized to the needs of UCS administrators. Selected core components, e.g. OpenLDAP (2.4.40), Samba (4.2rc2) or the Linux kernel (3.16) are more recent in UCS compared to Debian GNU/Linux.
    • The installation of Univention Corporate Server has been simplified significantly. The base installation now uses the Debian installer and it is concluded with a web-based system configuration.

    Complete Release Notes from Univention can be found at:

    All updates for OX SE / App Suite for UCS will be available in the Univention App Center. Please check the UMC module App Center for updates of the application Open-Xchange Server Edition / OX App Suite. Please reboot the complete system after the update.
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