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    Default problem with context maping when login is email address


    I have some problem with context mapping when login is email address. For example. I have context with id=1 and user with username name@domain.tld. Unfortunately when username is email address is not possible to login.

    com.openexchange.exception.OXException: CTX-0010 Categories=USER_INPUT Message='Context "domain.tld" cannot be found.' exceptionID=-6069891-7

    I understood that OX automaticly split email address to localpart and domain and use localpart as login and domain for context mapping. Can I disable this behavior, I need create contexts independent for domains.

    I have open-xchange 7.6.1-5 with open-xchange-authentication-imap on debian 7.


    I will be gratefull for any help.

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    If you want to login using the email address this only works if the domain part can be mapped to a context. In the other direction that means that you cannot spread the same mail domain over different contexts.
    At least that is how it works with open-xchange-authentication-imap. Email addresses are not usable as login identifier directly. If you need that you would have to implement your own authentication plugin which can map from an email address to the real user@context


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