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    Jan 2015

    Default login problem - I get direct after login the message "your session is expired"

    I experience a really strange behavior of the OX right after a standard installation on a debian wheezy system.

    I use a virtual privat server from host europe. I install java on it and use the standard debian installation guide step by step an all this works fine. But when I try to login with the testuser as well as with an real user I have created on the server, I get right after the login a message window which tells me.

    Your session is expired
    Pleasd sign in again to continue

    I can do this but I get the screen direct again, and again, and again.....

    I have massive increased the sessionDefaultLifeTime, but doesn't help.

    I'm really desperate, if any one there who have an idea, what I can do?

    Thanks in advance

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    Sep 2007


    The open-xchange logfile could give a hint why the session expires in your case and point you in the right direction what to check.

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