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    DustJunkie Guest

    Default moving file storage location/quotas

    So, I have a raid array and I want all my OX files to be stored there. it's mounted at /media/RAID. I don't know where all my OX files are stored and haven't been able to locate them. Also I'd like to turn quotas off, or at least manage them for my users and oxadmin doesn't appear to do that for me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Gertjan Guest


    The quota can be set by the changeuser script. (/opt/open-xchange/sbin/changeuser)

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    Feb 2007



    the storage is located at /var/opt/filestore and the context quota can be modified via the changecontext commandline tool.

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    DustJunkie Guest


    so the only thing in my var/opt directory is an open-xchange directory and inside of it is a filespool directory and a backup directory. Is that it? Can I just move it to my RAID array and make a sym link?

    /opt/open-xchange/sbin# ls
    addmaildomain      creategroup        generatempasswd  listuser
    allpluginsloaded   createreleasedata  getreleasename   modifymailconfig
    changegroup        createresource     jobcontrol       open-xchange-admindaemon
    changeresource     createuser         listcontext      open-xchange-groupware
    changeuser         deletecontext      listgroup        oxinstaller
    checkconsistency   deletegroup        listmailconfig   oxnetworkhelper
    createcertificate  deleteresource     listmaildomain   removemaildomain
    createcontext      deleteuser         listresource     spamrunner.pl
    No changecontext in there. Is that weird?

    I've done searches and cant find a filestore anywhere or a changecontext. humm.

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    DustJunkie Guest


    So. No luck on getting a changecontext script. I can changeuser and createcontext, but creating context doesn't seem to be what I want. Is there some better documentation on what I'm doing floating around? My file storage is maxed out after just a few emails and I need to figure out how to change that.

    Is there a reason why the changecontext script wouldn't be in my install?

    Thanks guys.

    edit** changeuser worked for fixing my mail quotas. Thanks on that. Still wondering on where InfoStore files are located so I can move them to my RAID and also why I dont have a changecontext script. I'm running CE, I get the feeling that might be the problem. Thanks for you help guys.
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    Gertjan Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by DustJunkie View Post
    Still wondering ... why I dont have a changecontext script. I'm running CE, I get the feeling that might be the problem.
    Me neither. And I'm also running the CE version. So I think you are right on this.

    But the files are stored in /var/opt/open-xchange/filespool. But only the files uploaded in InfoStore are stored (and renamed) over there, not the InfoStore item itself. I presume they are stored in the database. If you want the items stored on RAID device too, I think you have to move the MySQL database as well.

    And you can remove the mail quota completely by setting the quota to 0 with the changeuser script or in the admin-gui.

    Maybe you have to take a look at /opt/open-xchange/etc/groupware/infostore.properties and /opt/open-xchange/etc/groupware/attachment.properties. It says something about quota.
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