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    peterking756 Guest

    Default can not Synchronous the calendar

    the open-xchange is running ,and can receive and send email .
    but I run evolution, the open-xchange calendar can not synchronous.
    Could open-xchange developers and open-xchange experience user give some solution or advice .
    When I login in open-xchange, I see the following information:

    Fehlermeldung: FLS-0004: Kein Zugriff auf Dateispeicher: file:/var/opt/open-xchange/filespool/1_ctx_store
    Error code FLS-0004: Couldn't reach the filestore: file:/var/opt/open-xchange/filespool/1_ctx_store

    I am not known germany, and can not understand the meaning.

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    Francisco Laguna Guest


    This error message is not related to the calendar. Please make sure that the directory /var/opt/openexchange/filespool exists and that the open-xchange user may create subfolders in it. When you restart the groupware, the error message should be gone.

    Which interface do you use for the synchronization? Does evolution speak iCal, or how is that supposed to work?

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    peterking756 Guest

    Default which mail client can support calender of ox synchronize

    Thanks! I have create the folder and ox work fine:
    mkdir /var/opt/open-xchange/filespool/1_ctx_store -p
    I first login to open-xchange by firfox browser and create a calendar for day and notifycation by email. I can receive the notify email about the calendar.
    But when I create the account on outlook or evolution, I can not find my create calendar and appointment. The calendar can not be synchronized to outlook or evolution. But the thundbird I have not test. Could you tell me whihc mail client can synchronize the calendar from open-xchange just like outlook synchronize from the microsoft exchange server. Any suggestions are very appreciated!

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    Ben Pahne Guest


    does evolution support webdav? then it should be possible.


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