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    Jeremiah Guest

    Exclamation Moving/Deleting global adress book entry is a bad idea

    I recently stumbled upon a curious problem, where one of the user complained, that when he clicks on a calender, shared to him by another person, the calender view itself gets updated, but the headline "Calender from Foo, Bar" does not.
    After a little bit of digging i found out, that the User who shared the calender somehow managed to delete his global address book entry. (actually he moved his own entry from the Global address book to the Private) And that that seems to confuse the GUI in some ways.
    To solve this I just took away write access to "all users" and only gave the oxadmin admin access to the Global Address Book.
    Is this a known problem, something that shouldn't happen or just a "glitch" in my installation?

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    Feb 2007
    Olpe, Germany


    First time I heard about this. Is there a way you can reproduce this? I'm going to give it a try as well.

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    Jeremiah Guest


    Well since I didn't want to mess with my regular operational install, I went and tried to reproduce this with the copy of the server, but there I stumbled upon another problem:

    - The server is a newer version of OX (stable check out around the 13th of December via the Community installer).
    - I just copied over the db from the old server via mysqldump, the server seems to work so far, I also get an "Database update in progress, please try to login later..." error first time I want to login after I copy the db
    - thing is, on the new server I'm not able to modify the ACLs of the Global Address Book at all (need to give "All Users" the modify permission for their own entry back, since I removed it so they won't mess with the global address book). When I try to save the changes I get the error "12-17-2007 08:15 AM-->Error code: The object has been changed in the meantime. (FLD-0001,171573062-211)" But since I'm the only one working on the server copy that shouldn't be possible

    Any Ideas?

    P.S.: Is there somewhere a howto on how to upgrade the installed OX-Version from one stable release to another? Or is copying the db all there is to it?

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