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    Default OX App Suite + Cyrus Setup (Help Wanted)

    So here's the scenario...

    I've got a rack at a deep discount that I've decided to start screwing around with and part of this is spinning up VM's that I think are cool and breaking them...

    Now that I've settled down, and decided to use OX for mail I've installed the OpenXchange App Suite and created a mail domain on it (I am using Univention Corporate Server as a base, OX is installed as an 'app').

    My questions:

    1. It is my understanding that OpenExchange is not a mailserver; however, if I install a local mailserver (https://cyrusimap.org/) can I point OX to that, and manage it that way?

    2. In that case, I assume I'd then be pointing the MX from my domain to my OpenExchange environment?

    3. Does anyone here have experience using UCS with OX (as I know the UCS isn't 'officially' supported by OX and vice versa) as I would love a tutorial / it's so simple I think I'm overthinking it.
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    if you installed App Suite using the UCS "app store" you should be basically done already. The mailservice is provided by UCS then. Also OX is "officially" supported on UCS. User management, mailserver management, all that is part of UCS already. There shouldn't be much left for you to do?

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    You're correct -- This was caused by a ID10T error on my end


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