I get the following error:

About to download and install OXtender 2 for Microsoft Outlook 7.2.17
Starting download from http://host/ajax/updater/files/OXten..._x64.de-de.exe
Target filename is C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Open-Xchange\OXUpdater\Temp\OXtender_2_for_Microsoft_Ou tlook_x64.de-de.exe
Error downloading http://host/ajax/updater/files/OXten...x64.de-de.exe: Checksum mismatch

Why does this happen? Is it because http://host redirects to https://host? (Btw.: where to configure the use of https? In OxUpdater, every url contains https, but the url is concatenated like this: "http://" + hostname_of_server + some_path)