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Thread: Features

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    Default Features


    I would like to share a folder with subfolders in Drive, but then I can't see subfolders: is it possibile? All ok with normal files.

    Is there something to notify events also with popup notifications?

    Minimum portal refresh time is 5 mins: is it possible to make it every 1 min?

    Is it possibile to add an email filtering rule directly from an email, without going to settings?

    Is there something to "set as important" emails? I can just colorize them, but other clients or smartphones don't see this.


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    In Drive it's currently only possible to share contents of folders. Subfolder are not part of the publication.

    Can't you set the notification area to popup on events in the settings?

    No, minimal refresh time is 5 minutes at the moment.

    No, sounds like a nice feature but unfortunately not available to create a filter from a mail.

    Cross client support with IMAP flags seems to be pretty hard. Every client is doing something else with flags. In theory any client could work with our colors since those are stored as standardized flags. At least offhand I have no idea which flag really would be cross client.

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    Thank you very much for your reply!

    No, I don't see such a setting for notifications: where should it be?

    I can't see any flags inside messages source that I set ad important, I thought that was saved elsewhere (in message list?): this post seems interesting: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=335293



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