Hello my friends.

I have OpenXchange App Suite
Interface Version: 7.6.2 Rev20
Server Version: 7.6.2-Rev26

I'm a need a bit different from the norm from what I've seen.

I've walked researching in many places but I have not found answers to that.

Have a need to create a web interface I can create/change the signatures of each user, I realized that the signatures are created on file in my case are in "/var/opt/filestore/1_ctx_store/hashed/" and associated the Database "snippet"

But when do the manual insertion of the signature to the user, just not working.

I did not understand very well is added the number "ID" table "snippet"
how is this association?

I tried also use the "--addguipreferences" and I could not at all make it work.

I realized that the "jsonStorage" table has some data signature, tried to make some changes too, but without much success.

Could anyone help me with this, any help is welcome!