Morning All,

Unsure if anyone has got this to function inside Univention as a cluster. I can run a single instance with a domain controller and backup setup. But any attempt to get a secondary App installed on the backup domain controller fails.

Now I believe cause the installation is automatic and does a generic setup with auto generation of passwords it alters the master/master database which then causes a failure.

If anyone has specifically done this it would be appreciated as I need to have a master/master setup as you would according to the guide be done in debian.

Any assistance on this as a guide, because any guide followed at this point I have out right failed(None specific to Univetion as the OS). I need to prove this cluster setup to run as master master on both sites so I can get an approval on purchase.

Appreciate anyones previous engagements on this. Running 4.0.3 for Univention, which installs 7.6 of the App Suite.