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    Sep 2015

    Default IMAP flags not displaying on OXMail

    I know that OX has its own flags but how do I setup OXmail to display the imap flags (\Seen, \Answered, \Flagged, \Deleted, and \Draft ) on the OXmail front end?

    For example, when I flag an email on my ios mail app for follow up, I want that flag to show in OXmail frontend on the browser when I look at mail on my desktop.

    If customization is required, any ideas on how I can proceed with this?


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    Oct 2016


    Same problem here. Although \Seen is displayed in OX, and I think \Draft causes the recipient to be displayed rather than the sender, the big problem for me is not being able to see \Flagged as other IMAP clients will set this. The OX coloured flags correspond to custom flags $cl_1 through $cl_10, but these are of course ignored by all other mail readers.
    Ideally, I would like to have a special flag corresponding to \Flagged, or else be able to configure one of the colours to be tied to \Flagged instead of $cl_X

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    Sep 2007


    \Flagged support is considered for a future version (not 7.8.3 but probably 7.8.4).


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