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    Default Blue theme OX webmail

    I'm after the installation of the Open Xchange and the appearance of my mail and it surprised me very much.

    The current appearance wyglądta so: as the picture No. 1

    And I want to make it look like the picture No. 2

    How does it change? Could someone help? Very please with some instructions on how to change it. How to Create a Theme (blue)

    How do I set it all so that all mail was look the same and have these supplements which are shown in the picture No. 2

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    Picture 1 shows OX 6. Picture 2 shows OX App Suite (i.e. version 7).

    It's not a wrong theme, it's wrong UI packages. See e.g. Quickinstall for instructions on how to install the correct UI version.

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    OX 6 has some kind of update to the OX SUITE APP or not? If so, where to find it. This manual that you sent to me is not too clear.

    In my installed version I do not have anywhere information as I can to change it. There is nothing on how to change the appearance of the template.

    In my Odin Plesk I got there, the applications to be installed and whether this application ox that you see in the picture below is the correct version to have the appearance of which I wrote about earlier ? How is it to install? There is a video tutorial or manual with pictures ?picture.jpg

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    You would need at least the following packages:
    and their dependencies.

    Afterwards you need some changes to your Apache configuration similar to what is described here:

    If you do a fresh install the Quickinstall Guide can basically be cut'n'pasted and you would end up with the latest version automatically. There is no dedicated documentation how to install the App Suite frontend into a OX6 system though.
    Important is that all the middleware parts are the same and that you can basically run the OX6 and App Suite frontends on that same middleware.
    Please compare the quickinstalls and https://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?t...HEL_6_CentOS_6 and try to merge the Apache configuration according to that information.


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