Dear forum,

I am running a licensed version of Open-Xchange app suite 7.8.0 on a Debian server. Furthermore, I have installed the OX drive iOS app on my iPhone running iOS 9.

Even though I am running a licensed version of OX app suite, the iOS app does not work with it.
When I write the URL of my server in the app, it connects to the server and requests "/servlet/webdav.version" (contents: "7.8.0-Rev6") whereupon nothing more happens and the login prompt in the app is disabled.

The documentation states that one of the prerequisites for running the iOS app is "Valid Push-Certificates / API keys for cloud-based notifications". I do not have this and I wonder if this is the reason why it isn't working or do I need to configure something else on the server?

Thanks for your help in advance.