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    altariq Guest

    Default Wiki III.5 MySql database, where is the config?

    Some delete the part in the wiki or what?
    A few days ago there was something with creating dbs and passwords and now there is nothing to do and i got errormessages about a mysql user openexchange which i dont create.

    i was happy as there were the old installation instructions with no changes, the needed jar files where everytime the same and the system runs clean.
    Now i started my 3rd try to set up ox cleanly.

    okay no my anger is gone and i try it again

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    Feb 2007


    What you were looking for seems to be this:
    Old version with complete instructions to create a mysql user

    Kind regards,
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    altariq Guest


    okay thx for this. sadly, it dont solved my problems in the other thread


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