a customer of ours has purchased a "FreeSpace" tablet for room booking (http://visionaudiovisual.com/vfs/ ). Problem now is how to connect it ... a user was already created that includes ActiveSync access, the tablet also connects correctly through the /ews/exchange.asmx URL, but can't connect. While the normal logins only use the username, the tablet forces use of user@domain as a "valid email" address and doesn't seem to allow for just the username to be used. Therefore, I get the error:

[Mon Dec 07 12:36:43 2015] [error] [client X.X.X.X] user termin-br@domain.de not found: /ews/exchange.asmx

Is there a way of getting around this restriction on the side of OX (by allowing the domain to be attached to the user name)?