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    Nov 2015

    Default UCS Open xchnage integration

    i got few problems with OX App Suite in Univention UCS.

    USC version: 4.1-0 errata 36
    OX version installed thru App Center: 7.8.0-6-ucs3

    1.) I cant activate the permission to use the OX Mail App for Android and IOS. Following permission is already set in the permissions.properties config in /opt/open-xchange/etc/

    # Default permissions for all users
    # Mark this installation as boring, i.e. disable an easter egg
    # com.openexchange.capability.boring=true
    # Signal if file store is available or not
    # Default is true
    # The property "alone" signals that the user is the only user in associated context/tenant.
    # It disables certain collaborative features and that would therefore be useless in such a context/tenant.
    # Default is false
    # Mobile App general permission
    # Default is false
    # Allows users to create share links to share files or folders. Default is true.
    # Allows users to share files or folder with guest users. Default is true.
    # Warning: the value "permissions" has been set via UCR variable "ox/cfg/permissions.properties/permissions" - please alter the UCR variable instead
    If i try to login with the mail app it says that my user is not activated for using this app.
    Maybe somebody got a hint for me?

    2.) I try to get oxtender2 installed on my Windows 10 client to sync my outlook with OX App Suite. The problem is that he tries to connect and i got this error message:
    2015-12-17 12_50_28- (root).jpg

    Following packages are installed:
    root@webmail:~# aptitude search "\-usm"
    i   open-xchange-help-usm-eas                                                    - Open-Xchange OXTender for Business Mobility Help.
    i   open-xchange-usm                                                             - The Open-Xchange Server USM Bundle
    i   univention-ox-usm                                                            - Open-Xchange USM OX integration metapackage
    i   univention-ox-usm-ox                                                         - Open-Xchange USM OX integration metapackage and db update
    i   univention-ox-usm-udm                                                        - Open-Xchange USM integration metapackage (mobility)
    if i go to my url https://example.com/usm-json i cant see any code or something. Is that normal.

    Also got some hints?

    Please help me......


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    Southern Bavaria - where others spend their vacations :)


    Hi Dominik,

    2 diffrent errors!? better create 2 threads next time

    First error: have u asked Univention or their forum for help? It looks like missing packages for OX Mail. And I'm not sure if UCS version already supports OX Mail. Looking for server requirements Univention is not listed on https://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?t..._Configuration

    Second problem (outlook)
    Maybe u use an internal base dn and you've to configurate a (mail) domain address? Or a receip in one or several mails is missspelled. Details in the error log will tell u more.
    If u used OL before on MS environment: OL /Exchange would try to "complete" an incomplete mailaddress or discard wrong mail addresses silent without errors. OX doesn't accept corrupt mailaddresses Another question /reason for this error: is it data you have on your OL and try to use OX with an existing PST file? If so a better way would be to use the "Upload" tool for OL with OX to prevent this errors.

    Further information: look up for "outlook" and "0x800d0002" on prefered searchengines or in this forum.



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