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    Heiwi_Kämper Guest

    Default Open-Xchange and Kontact

    Hi OX-users,

    Here I am a new user, but in our company we uses open-Xchange for more then 2 years. There we use outlook with oxtender as client (and also the web interface).

    Sometimes ago I installed OX on my home-server (debian etch), there we use in our family the web interface to coordinate our calendars. Between the years I found a little bit of time to make some test with Kontact (on AMD64-Kubuntu) but until yet I didn't find something how to connect Kontact to OX.

    Where I have to search??

    Best regards
    (best wishes for 2008 to all readers)

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    Feb 2007



    just use webdav/ical/vcard - sometimes it even works

    Also best wishes for you and your family


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