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    Dec 2015

    Question OX Drive "My Shares" not working / "Publications and Subscriptions" missing

    Hi there,

    It seems to me, that I have some problems with the sharing of files in OX Drive:
    I have some files shared with another person in the same context. This person can see and access these files. But when I open the "My Shares" ("Meine Freigaben") folder in OX Drive, nothing happens. The folder is selected, but the main part of the page displaying files, etc. stays unchanged. Even the breadcrumb navigation stays the same. There are not log entries with an error or something else...
    Am I missing a permission or a package?!

    Another potentially related issue is, that I am missing the "Publications and Subscriptions" menu entry in the settings. I only saw this one in the settings of the demo OX installation on open-xchange.com ...

    Thanks in Advance

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    The first issue about not working "My shares" I cannot tell easily
    The missing publications and subscriptions sounds a bit like missing packages or missing permissions:
    and permissions subscription,publication

    This is 7.8?

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    Dec 2015


    You were right, Wolfgang. I missed installing the publish/subscribe packages. After installing them, the "Publications and Subscriptions" entry in the settings appeared.
    After installing the packages, "My shares" also worked correctly. Potentially it is a minor bug, that the entry is visible but unusable, when the publish/subscribe packages are missing.

    I'm using v7.8.0-6 from the Debian Jessie repos.

    Thanks again, Wolfgang.


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