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  • and OXtender for MS Outlook - Mail Filtering Rules

    Hi all,

    Apart from finding that OX appears to be a little sluggish at processing tasks, mail etc, I would very much like to know how one implements server side rules to sort emails into folders.

    I have my own domain (with 123 reg), and although they have just launched their service called "Mobility" which uses OXtender to sync Outlook with other devices as well as desktop and laptop, they appear to be struggling to support the software. I asked them today how to set up rules to sort my mail, and they cheekily suggested that I contact OX! After a rather barbed complaint on their twitter page, and one submitted to their support team, it appears that they are now taking things rather more seriously.

    However, I'd very much like to know what they should do to enable the mail filtering ability on OXtender. I've seen the button in the OXtender toolbar that sits in Outlook now, but when I click it doesn't do anything. Is this an add-on that 123 reg have to download and install on the server, or is this something i can install myself?

    Sorting mail into folders is pretty important to me (get's rid of dodgy junk), so I'd like to know if anyone has managed to implement this when in the same position as me (not running a domain and webservers on their own machines).



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    The mail filtering option is available in OXtender for Outlook if the Open-Xchange server has the feature installed _and_ the IMAP server behind supports the server side filtering using the SIEVE protocol.