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OX to Outlook Calendar Sync Issues

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  • OX to Outlook Calendar Sync Issues

    Hi All,

    I'm experiencing an interesting issue using the OXtender 2 for Outlook. If a user creates and all day event in the web portal for OX, when the event syncs to their outlook calendar it's listed as an all day event for the previous day. For example if the user creates an all day appointment for 9/13 in the OX Web portal, it syncs as an all day appointment for 9/12 in Outlook. If I create the same all day appointment in Outlook it syncs properly to OX. Users using the mobility piece see the events fine whether created in Outlook or the Web Portal. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Any fixes out there for this?

    Running the latest version of OX HE on the server and the latest edition of Oxtender 2 for Outlook on the clients.