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OX Connector for MS Outlook Problem

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  • OX Connector for MS Outlook Problem

    Hi guys,

    I am very new to Open Xchange - which my hosting company is providing.

    I have successfully installed what the setup wizard is calling the Open Xchange Connector on several computers.

    Every time I install the OX connector, it simply:

    downloads, asks for user info, updates, asks for user info again and creates an outlook profile.

    I am working on a Machine that was previously set up for one employee, but has now been passed to another employee. The old windows user account has been removed and a new one created.

    When I download the OX connector (and I have installed and reinstalled a couple of times) it simply takes the user info, updates and then nothing happens. It's not very intuative in that there is no window you can open to create or edit an outlook profile that I can find so im completely stuck - when I open outlook it doesnt recognise any type of profile, just asks to set one up as per normal when you launch outlook for the very first time - which is no good.

    I hope I have explained myself well enough - would be grateful for your help!