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  • OXtender and email "From"


    we're using a project management tool (jira) which sends automatically emails if a user is working on an issue. Therefore jira adds the name to the "from" field of the email so it looks something like this:
    "From: Forename Prename (JIRA) <>"
    This works perfectly if any email client (or webmail) uses POP3 or IMAP. But since we're using OXtender for Microsoft Outlook, all emails from jira look like this:
    "From: Jira"
    This is very inconvenient for project administration as nobody can see who's working on an issue.

    In the setup of jira's mailbox I have to set a "displayed name" which is indeed "Jira" as Outlook shows but jira overwrites this displayed name with the template shown above as any other email client using POP3 or IMAP (even MS Outlook!) is working as expected. I use several email clients simultaneously for testing (even an Outlook instance with IMAP and an Outlook instance with OXtender - using differen VMs) and the same email is shown differently...

    I tried all imaginable setups with jira, the mailbox itself and MS Outlook, called the support of the mailserver host but still, I can't get this to work like IMAP.
    Has anybody an idea how this issue can be resolved?

    Thanks in advance, best regards

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    I received a email from the support, telling me that this is impossible with OXtender because OXtender allways uses the specified field "dispalyed name" of the mailbox, ignoring all settings of jira.
    But there is a workaround:
    Tell Jira to use a non existing email address to send emails like "". By doing so, you enforce OXtender to use the "From" field filled out by jira.

    I hope this information is useful for OXtender users.
    best regards