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  • Outlook 2013

    I have just changed my email client on my host powweb to Open-Xchange and added the business option. I have installed the outlook 2 connector but cannot run outlook 2013.JPG
    Any Ideas

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    did you have any other error while installing?
    it looks, like the add-on didn't installed properly
    maybe reinstall OXT2 try to download from OX-Dashboard/new...


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      did not have any error messages in the initial install but after uninstalling and a fresh download I got the following message ox.JPG


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        what are the OS specifics? Could it be that the user does not work with administrative permissions?
        If you're using OX from a partner/hosting provider, you may contact their support first.



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          Win 7 and did contact Hosting provider who replied

          Thank you for contacting support.

          Unfortunately the issue you are reporting is outside of our support and you will need to search/contact open xchange for question regarding outlook integration.

          Ben H
          Technical Specialist

          Will try a reinstall and make sure of permissions



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            P.S. Hosting provider is POWWEB


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              Have just reinstalled, each time I do the installer gets a bit further, This time I got the following.
              ---- Sync State ----

              Error during Login (SST_LOGIN)

              ---- Message ----

              Invalid credentials.

              ---- Location ----

              ---- Details ----

              The registration at OX/USM was not successful.
              Authentication failed

              ---- Error Object ----

              "code": 2148335621,
              "code_hex": "0x800d0005",
              "code_description": "USM error: access denied",
              "state": 2,
              "state_description": "SST_LOGIN",
              "func": "/usm-json/login",
              "user": "this address was correct",
              "device": "0ed6e52ed98b23488a15f541e08252e3",
              "password": "****"
              "status": 5,
              "data": null,
              "errorCode": 1572869,
              "errorMessage": "Authentication failed",
              "errorDetails": null,
              "error": "Invalid credentials.",
              "error_id": "1562447699-579029785",
              "code": "LGI-0006",
              "category": 1,
              "hard_conflict": false,
              "participants": null,
              "confirmations": null,
              "id": null,
              "folder_id": null,
              "start_date": null,
              "end_date": null,
              "title": null

              I also get the error message mentioned in the 1st post
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                Well, the error message tells me that your username/password is incorrect. Have you double-checked that?


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                  I assume that the username/password is the same as the login to the webmail interface, if so it is correct


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                    Hm, i already expected that. Sadly, there is nothing we can do remotely to solve the issue. The reported error message does not point to a faulty behavior of the software. It is possible that your account is not Outlook-enabled by the hosting provider.


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                      I've been on to powweb technical support and their reply is..

                      Yes, our mail servers (including open exchange) are outlook enabled (we actually use the same system with outlook at our offices as well as my personal email at home with my own account). I did test outlook here with your account info and the testing results showed a valid working connection (couldn't finalize setup without possibly affecting your account).

                      Could you contact their support again and see if there are any more specific areas they feel we should look at since so far we have not been able to replicate the error.

                      Hope you can help


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                        Well, this is a Community Forum, not official OX Support. Your hosting provider has a support contract with OX to escalate customer issues if they're unable to find a solution. This is the way this kind of stuff usually works. I've no idea what they've configured to make it work nor how they can access your account without knowing your password (?). My best guess is that they've tried to use IMAP rather than using the OX Outlook integration like you did. This integration uses a completely different way to communicate with their mail servers.

                        The next thing typically would be checking the servers log files to find any hints why your credentials do not get accepted. Also, there are settings relating the client configuration (Server address...) that may not be correct - but again this is nothing OX can provide since it depends on the hosting providers configuration.



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                          I face the same Problem with Outlook 2013 (Office 365) on my Windows 8 64bit Computer as well. Unable to load "oxstor.dll". Office 2010 ist working fine with OXTender 2 - Version 7.0.62. Re-Installed OXTender and created a new Profile. Did not get it fixed so far.
                          Are are there any fixes known for this Problem?


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                            Are both outlook versions installed on the system? This is a not supported setup at the moment. So please remove one of the office products.
                            Markus Wagner
                            Open-Xchange Quality Assurance