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unable to delete calendar-entries in Outlook

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  • unable to delete calendar-entries in Outlook

    Hi Everyone,

    in Outlook 2010 (Outlook14) it is not possible to delete items in calendar.
    if deleted in the Webfrontend, there are no problems.

    Are there Any Permissions, that has to be set for OXTender?
    or must be a trashfolder set or such?

    in the post i found, that it is nessesary to create subfolders on the imap server.

    this is not possible because our Provider (university) does not allow this

    but, nevertheless, on the webmail-page, it works...

    so what does OXT needs

    Yours Thomas

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    Hi Thomas,

    OLOX2 uses the same permission set as the WebUI, so there should be no permission related issue. Are there any suspicious log entries at the OX logfile or the Client? ("Options" at the OLOX2 panel).



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      Yes, like in the thread above, i have the following Entry in oxstore_OUTLOOL.EXE-dbg.txt

      15:26:48.71#00007e14 imapifolder.cpp(2782):E:CreateFolder() failed: hr=80070005
      15:26:48.71#00007e14 imapifolder.cpp(2626):E:OXCreateWasteFolder() failed: hr=80070005
      15:26:48.71#00007e14 imapifolder.cpp(2559):E:OXGetWasteFolder() failed: hr=80070005
      15:26:48.71#00007e14 imapifolder.cpp(2456):E:OXRedirectWasteFolder() failed: hr=80070005
      15:26:48.71#00007e14 imapifolder.cpp(1227):E:GetLocalFolder() failed: hr=80070005
      does OLOX2 search for a wrong wastefolder? how to find out?

      I expected that there supposed to be the same permission set in WebUI and OLOX2
      but somewhere ther must be an overriding set in Outlook. this happens on every OUTLOOK installation outhere

      we don't use any restictions on the clients (Registry or policy) so outlook is normaly configured (just FYI)
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        could it be that your IMAP Server denies creating new mail folders? Some (trash) folders are created at the IMAP hierarchy for internal use.



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          Yes... it is...
          but this must happen, only in OLOX2 not in th WebUI

          Unfortunately, this IMAP is part of an other infrastructure of our institution.
          is there a workaround because it works in the WebUI

          one would be (for the trash) to discard completely.
          or to define one existing folder, like mailtrash as trash for appointments?
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            OLOX2 requires a Trash-Calendar folder to store deleted appointments (e.g. for "Undo"). This is not part of the WebUI so it cannot be compared 1:1. Since we don't want a "Trash-Calendar" folder showing up at the calendar hierarchy of OX (would confuse users), OLOX2 generates a universal folder for that which is synchronized as a mail folder. I guess you'll have to make sure that mail folders can be created in order to use OX+Outlook.

            Perhaps our Support team knows another solution, as a OLOX2 subscriber, you should be able to contact them using your maintenance or support-key.



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              an wen wende ich mich dann am besten ?


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                  I found an workaround for Outlook Users:
                  they can delete their entries, when they delete in Outlook while pressing the shift -key
                  thisway, the object moves directly to nirvana without the need of a folder inside the trash

                  Sidefect, there is no wayback... but now the users don't need to login the webinterface to delete a wrong entry
                  Another sideeffect - users think more deeply about what they wanna do :-)