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Photos from contacts dissapear!!

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  • Photos from contacts dissapear!!

    All the photos of my contacts dissapear! What is the problem? How can I correct it?
    I use Outlook 2010, Windows 8, I replicate via and I replicate with an Android Smartphone.
    Sometimes one photo stays in the contact. Very strange.

    The photos dissapear in Outlook 2010
    The Photos disappear in my Android phone
    The photos DO NOT dissapear in Strato Communicator.
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    first point of contact for support should be Strato in your case. Could you disable synchronization of the phone and Outlook, create a new contact with photo and enable each client for itself? This way it's possible to find out what client removes the photo. Are the photos synchronized initially or are they missing right at the start?



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      next step

      Yes I contacted Strato too. I am waiting for their reply.
      Turning off Phone sync is no solution. It happens in the sync with the communicator server.
      I tried both and because Strato is not clear in which address to use.

      As soon as the replication starts, I see the pictures from my contacts dissappearing on my screen.
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        I read this on the Oxtender website: Bitte beachten: Microsoft Outlook 64bit und die Office 2010 Home and Business Testversion werden derzeit nicht unterstützt.

        I am running under Windows 8 64bit. Could that give problems??
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          this information is outdated, Windows 8 and 64Bit Windows/Outlook versions are not an issue. If the runtime would be an issue here, this would not influence contact synchronization but would lead to crashes etc.

          I did not propose to disable phone sync but just to check which component causes the contact image to disappear. So, does it happen if you only use Outlook but your phone sync disabled? Or the other was around? Or doesn't it matter what device you've enabled for synchronization? Are these huge images and does it work for smaller ones?



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            Forget about the Android Phone. The issue is between Outlook and Communicator 4.
            The images in Outlook contacts are small low resolution GIF's and JPEG's.
            The strange thing is that in the first replication all contacts were copied to the server and still contain all their images. All images are deleted (stripped) from my Outlook contacts on the PC what was in origin the source!
            so: from PC to server images are copied, from server to PC OXtender decides to delete the field that contains the image? something like that.


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              Thanks for the input. I'm pretty sure there is no explicit decision to remove these images. However there may be some hickup or misconfiguration. Contact synchronization (including images) with OX works fine in general on other setups. I'm going to check this.


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                This has been identified as a known issue as a bug at OX at Strato caused by a special combination of the servers. A fixed version is available and as far as i know, Strato is already planning to update. We've limited influence on when our partners update to more recent versions.
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                  Those words are hopeful