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Sent Objects, Trash, Drafts and Spam not syncing correctly

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  • Sent Objects, Trash, Drafts and Spam not syncing correctly

    Hi everybody,

    I'm using Outlook 2013 with latest Updates and OXtender 2 Connector for Microsoft Outlook and Windows 8.1. Everything is working fine - Contacts, Calender syncing like a charm. But with the folders "Sent Objects", "Trash", "Spam" and "Draft" I have big problems.

    I use the OXtender 2 with Host Europe Mail. In my webmailer everything, really everything is fine. When I send emails with the webmailer, all emails will be stored in the correct folders. When I send mails with Outlook 2013, the sent emails will be saved in the correct "Sent Objects" folder.

    When I check the webmailer, the email I sent with Outlook is not in the regular "Sent Objects" folder but in a subfolder within the inbox. I tried to move the emails in the webmailer from the subfolder "Sent Objects" to the correct "Sent Objects". Then the webmailer is fine, but the Outlook 2013 folder "Sent Objects" is empty.

    It seems, that Outlook is syncing the wrong folder. With the folders "Trash", "Drafts" and "Spam" I have the same problem.

    Any ideas?

    I'm looking forward about any help.
    Thanks a lot!


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    Bei uns betrifft das Problem in der letzten Zeit hauptsächlich den Papierkorb, der wird nicht richtg synchronisiert und verursacht Sync-Fehler im Oxtender.
    Also muss man den Papierkor resynchronisieren und leeren, dann geht es wieder.
    Oder in ganz schlimmen Fällen muss mann den Papierkorb auf der Weboberfläche löschen, und dann im Outlook resyncroniesiern.
    Dieser Fehler kommt jetzt jeden Tag bei mehreren Usern vor...

    Open-Xchange OXtender 2 AddIn for Microsoft Outlook

    VIPcom OX MAPI Provider
    Version 0, 0, 153, 0

    Open-Xchange Groupware Server
    Version 7.4.2-Rev10