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  • Upgrading to OXtender


    I just wanted to ask a question about OX App Suite and OXtender. Right now we have like ~20 users using OX App Suite, however, we would like to start using outlook again. My question is, after purchasing the OXtender licenses, can we just install OXtender on the clients and keep using our established backend or do we have to reinstall the whole thing?

    Thanks in advance.

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    No reinstallation is required. Probably some additional components are though. This is assuming that you already run on a platform officially supported by OX.
    Also does it really need to be Outlook? As OX supports caldav and carddav it might be possible to use something else with a similar feature set.
    (just my 2 cents)


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      What additional components should be reinstalled I wonder? Our users and hell bent on using Outlook, we couldn't make them get used to the browser based email, they hate it. I just want to gauge how much work am I looking at getting to get OXtender to work. Should I expect downtime as well?


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        For Outlook support you likely need to change your setup a bit and add additional packages:


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          What about phones? Right now all our employees have android phones. Will we be able to use activesync to sync their phones? What about the calendar? Calendar functionality on phones is very important. Can we do this?


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            OX supports Exchange Active Sync which is also supported by Android. EAS supports mail, contacts and calendar.
            OX also provides a CalDAV interface to sync with different CalDAV clients where Android does not have any default component but there are apps out there.

            EAS is an extra component which is only available as a licensed product though.