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OXtender plugin (v- not working with OUTLOOK v-1702, build 7870.2013

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  • OXtender plugin (v- not working with OUTLOOK v-1702, build 7870.2013


    After updating my Office package to v-1702, build 7870.2013 (Office Insider Preview, Slow Ring) the plugin prevents OUTLOOK from starting. No specific error message is provided by Office. My OXtender plugin is on version

    Anyone else having this issue, and is there maybe a workaround until the plugin is adjusted...


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    it's getting worse... the OXtender plugin also does not work with the stable Office version (v1702, build 7870.2020 dd March 9, 2017) anymore...
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      hmmm... no replies at all... no one else having this issue? cheers


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        I'm having the same issue!
        This makes my Account/Profile unusable. And it is definetly tied to Oxtender. Other profiles work.
        Already did a fresh install and everything.

        Windows 10, MS Outlook 2016 V 16.0.7830.1013 32-Bit, Office Patchlevel: V 1702 B 7870.2024

        Log doesnt really give a clue either...
        0) 67700003
        1) 67020003 PR_OST_ENCRYPTION
        2 values.
        00) 6770000a
        PT_ERROR 8004010f
        01) 6702000a PR_OST_ENCRYPTION
        PT_ERROR 8004010f
        2017/03/23-16:51:54.44#0000373c imsgstore.cpp(417):C:#ctxlock created 00EFF05C
        2017/03/23-16:51:54.44#0000373c keymap.cpp(1047):Eroptag out not mapped: 0fff0102 PR_ENTRYID
        (422) [...]
        2017/03/23-16:51:54.44#0000373c keymap.cpp(1124):E:FixProp() failed: hr=8004010f
        2017/03/23-16:51:54.44#0000373c imsgstore.cpp(426):E:FixPropsOut() failed: hr=8004010f
        2017/03/23-16:51:54.44#0000373c ibase.h(71):C:#ctxlock unlock 00EFF05C
        2017/03/23-16:51:54.44#0000373c mutex.cpp(102):C:#Re40 0
        2017/03/23-16:51:54.44#0000373c <--GetProps()=8004010f obj=20353908


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          You may want to update Office 365 to v1702, buiild 7870.2031 and the OXtender plugin will work again. All Office versions in development (both slow and fast ring) are not compatible with the current OXtender plugin.



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            Same issue was here.

            OXtender Plugin, Version
            Outlook 2016, 32-Bit, Version 1702, Build 7870.2020
            Windows 10 Pro, 64-Bit, Version 1607, Build 14393.969

            After an update of Outlook to Build 7870.2031 it works again!