Open-Xchange Releases OX App Suite v7.0.1

Open-Xchange, manufacturer of communication and collaboration software for the cloud and mobile-app economy, today released OX App Suite v7.0.1.

OX App Suite v7.0.1 delivers bug fixes and usability enhancements. Open-Xchange expects the first cloud service providers to deploy OX App Suite to their customers by the end of Q1, 2013. Users of the commercial versions of OX6 are recommended to start planning and testing now to be ready to migrate and upgrade with the next major version 7.2. This is scheduled for release in April, 2013.

Please Note:
  • Open-Xchange will provide a new push solution (push-ms) for the notification of Open-Xchange machines in a network with OX App Suite v7.0.1. The new solution will be available together with the current push-udp package. Open-Xchange will then discontinue support for push-udp with OX App Suite v7.2, planned in April 2013.
  • Open-Xchange also provides additional tools, software and configurations as part of OX App Suite v7.0.1. An overview together with the download & install guides are available on the Open-Xchange Knowledgebase at Please Note: Some of the additional software requires a valid OX App Suite license.

Shipped packages and versions:

Open-Xchange App Suite v7.0.1
  • OX App Suite backend packages v7.0.1-rev 4
  • OX App Suite frontend packages v7.0.1-rev 4
  • OX Document Viewer v7.0.1-rev 4

Additional Software (valid OX App Suite license required)
  • Open-Xchange Updater v6.18.18
  • Connector for Microsoft Outlook v7.0.62
  • Connector for Business Mobility v7.0.1-rev4
  • Open-Xchange Notifier v1.0.1

Complete Release Notes:

To update OX App Suite from v7.0.0 to v7.0.1 please follow the instructions given at