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Open-Xchange releases OX App Suite v7.2.1 and OX 6 7.2.1 Backend

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  • Open-Xchange releases OX App Suite v7.2.1 and OX 6 7.2.1 Backend

    Open-Xchange releases OX App Suite v7.2.1 and OX 6 7.2.1 Backend

    Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the release of OX App Suite v7.2.1 and a new backend for Open-Xchange Server 6 v7.2.1.

    This update includes new versions of:
    • Open-Xchange Server 6 Backend v7.2.1, the common basis for OX HE (Hosting Edition) and OX SE (Server Edition)
    • OX App Suite v7.2.1

    Open-Xchange has created an announcement list for details relating to upcoming releases and all other information relevant to OX App Suite. You can subscribe to at the link below: or directly at the Open-Xchange License Database

    Important - please note:
    • Open-Xchange encourages administrators to regularly update to the latest available release. An overview of the latest supported Major- Minor and Public Patch Releases can be found in the
      Knowledgebase at In order to ensure a stable and up to date environment please note the different supported versions.
    • With v7.2, Open-Xchange provides a new LDAP Contact Storage Integration Bundle. The new solution is available together with the current LDAP bundle. Open-Xchange discontinues support for the current bundle with OX App Suite v7.2.1. Further configuration information is available at the Open-Xchange Knowledgebase under:
    • Debian 7 (Wheezy) was released by the Debian project on May 4th 2013. Both OX AppSuite and Open-Xchange Server 6 will be supported on Debian 7 with OpenJDK 7 and MySQL 5.5 starting with the next major release of OX AppSuite, version 7.4, and the next minor release of Open-Xchange Server 6, 6.22.3. Please note that the combination Debian 7 / OpenJDK 6 or Sun Java 6 will not be supported as a platform by Open-Xchange.

    Shipped packages and versions:

    Open-Xchange Server 6
    • Open-Xchange Server 6 backend v7.2.1-rev 2

    Open-Xchange App Suite
    • OX App Suite backend packages v7.2.1-rev 2
    • OX App Suite frontend packages v7.2.1-rev 2

    Complete Release Notes can be found at:

    For details of how to install and update OX App Suite please refer to the instructions given at

    For Open-Xchange Server 6 update and installation of backend v7.2.1 please follow the instructions given at to install the updates.

    Best regards,
    Your Open-Xchange Team
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