Open-Xchange releases OX App Suite v7.6.1 and OX 6 v6.22.8

Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the release of OX App Suite v7.6.1 and Open-Xchange Server 6 v6.22.8.

The main focus for this release of OX App Suite is an improved web frontend design and usability enhancements for all applications. Among other changes, release v7.6.1 provides a new folder tree concept with favorite folders, archive-functionality for email and new in-app search behavior.

A more detailed overview of all the improvements to OX App Suite and Open-Xchange Server 6 backend can be found at:

General information
Open-Xchange encourages administrators to update regularly to the latest available release. In order to ensure a stable and up to date environment please note the different supported versions. An overview of the latest supported Major, Minor and Public Patch Releases can be found in the Knowledgebase at:

Important - Please Note
  • Changes to default object quota
    We have changed the default quota for the number of allowed items per context from -1 (unlimited) to 250,000. These new values will be used on new installations of OX App Suite v7.6.1. On existing installations that are updated to OX App Suite v7.6.1, the new values will only be used if the file /opt/open-xchange/etc/ has never been changed. If specific quotas have already been defined in, these values will not be overwritten during the update. Please review the configuration in after updating to OX App Suite v7.6.1. We strongly recommend using the new default values for context-level quotas unless you have specific reasons to configure higher (or unlimited) quotas.
  • Cluster Compatibility
    When updating from an earlier backend version to OX App Suite 7.6.1 please note that there is a major Hazelcast library update with v7.6.1, this means session migration is not possible between versions. Due to the upgraded library, it is not possible to form a cluster of nodes running a previous version of Hazelcast (i.e. exiting volatile data in the cluster gets lost during the update). This usually affects all user sessions that are stored in a distributed map, and will require the users to re-login after the update. Running incompatible versions of Hazelcast within the cluster will result in log entries showing the conflicting node and version information.
  • Third party component support announcements
    Open-Xchange will discontinue support for Debian Squeeze (Debian 6) with the next major release of OX App Suite v7.8.0, planned for Q2 2015. We encourage administrators to update to the latest operating system version of Debian.

    In addition, with the v7.8.0 release, Open-Xchange will discontinue support for the Random Token login method (sometimes also called Easy Login). Specifically, this means that the "login?action=redirect" call (see will be removed. Furthermore, the "com.openexchange.ajax.login.randomToken" setting will be removed from the "" file, and the "login?action=login" call will never contain the "random" token. We strongly encourage users of the Random Token login method to change their custom login implementations and use one of the supported methods.

    Starting with release v7.6.1, Open-Xchange supports Apple iOS 8 for mobile and tablet devices. Open-Xchange will discontinue support for Apple iOS 6 with the next minor release of OX App Suite, v7.6.2, planned for Q1 2015.

    Starting with release v7.6.1, Open-Xchange will support the new Apple Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite (after the final launch) for Calendar/Contact synchronization and OX Drive. Open-Xchange will discontinue support for Apple Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion with the next minor release of OX App Suite, v7.6.2, planned for Q1 2015.

    Open-Xchange has also discontinued support of all old Android stock browsers on mobile and tablet devices with the release of OX App Suite v7.6.1. OX App Suite is only supported on the new official stock browser, Chrome on Android.

Shipped packages and versions:
  • Open-Xchange App Suite backend v7.6.1-rev5
  • Open-Xchange OX6 backend v7.6.1-rev5
  • Open-Xchange App Suite frontend v7.6.1-rev5
  • Open-Xchange OX6 frontend v6.22.8-rev5
  • Open-Xchange USM v7.6.1-rev5
  • Open-Xchange Connector for Microsoft Outlook v7.2.11
  • Open-Xchange Connector for Business Mobility v7.6.1-rev5
  • Open-Xchange Documentconverter v7.6.1-rev5

Complete Release Notes can be found at:
Open-Xchange App Suite v7.6.1:
Open-Xchange Server 6 v6.22.8:

For details of how to install and update OX App Suite please refer to the instructions given at

For Open-Xchange Server 6 update please follow the instructions given at to install the updates.