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LinkedIn Integration for App Suite - Important API changes

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  • LinkedIn Integration for App Suite - Important API changes

    LinkedIn Integration for App Suite - Important API changes

    regarding the integration between App Suite and the social network LinkedIn, we would like to notify you about an upcoming LinkedIn API change, which is used by the App Suite app server.

    We were informed by LinkedIn this week that LinkedIn will restrict access to parts of their currently available API for all existing users and partners by May 15th. LinkedIn will only allow access to the full API, if you sign up for the LinkedIn partner program.


    As a result of this restriction, the Open-Xchange App Suite integration for LinkedIn will only keep working if you register/sign up for their new partner program, and afterwards generate a new API key. If you do not register/sign up for their partner program + retrieve the new API key from LinkedIn, the integration will no longer work as expected.

    For more information about the API restrictions, please check out the following links:
    As you all know, Open-Xchange is a company which is committed to open source and integrations. As such we also try to achieve open interfaces but unfortunately LinkedIn has put additional barriers of access in place which are the opposite of open interfaces.

    Additionally, a separate package has been created to increase the distinction against other integration packages.
    After having created your new LinkedIn keys, please install the following: open-xchange-linkedin

    This package installs the bundles necessary for integrating Open-Xchange into LinkedIn. Special keys from LinkedIn are required to gain access to the relevant API on LinkedIn.
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