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Open-Xchange releases OX Protect v1.0.0

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  • Open-Xchange releases OX Protect v1.0.0

    Open-Xchange releases OX Protect v1.0.0

    Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the release of a new product, OX Protect v1.0.0.

    Securing all of the various devices in your customer’s home is vital to prevent cyber-attacks and to close gateways to harmful content. All IoT devices in the users household represent a big security risk for the entire family - young children, parents or elderly grandparents.

    Today, Open-Xchange launches a product that helps providers protect their networks and subscribers secure their households: OX Protect.

    OX Protect lets you create a safe and secure online experience for your subscribers. It protects traditional digital equipment as well as IoT devices against malware, phishing and other harmful online content. At the same time, it gives users easy to configure, flexible control over which sites each family member can visit and allows users to restrict access to certain content at different times, like off-time or bedtime.

    Additional privacy features
    OX Protect provides your subscribers with parental control options to create a safe browsing experience for their entire family. Access to categories of websites with unsuitable content such as gambling, violence, and more can be defined and easily managed per user, profile, group and device.

    Restrict access to the internet at different times
    Time windows help parents restrict temporary access to several categories of websites. Off-time and bedtime can be configured as well as Netflix and social media access.

    Secure devices with malware protection
    OX Protect also secures from malware, phishing, and malicious domains based on lookups in white- and blacklists. It protects your subscribers’ devices from being infected or hacked.

    Real-time notifications on malware and access attempts
    Immediate notifications about infected devices and attempts to access malicious websites let subscribers rest easy and parents can relax while their kids are exploring the internet.

    Web portal and mobile apps to configure and manage family filters
    OX Protect comes with a white labeled web control panel and a brandable mobile app for iOS and Android. Users can configure and manage their very own protection including specific user settings and device filters for single profiles and groups containing multiple family members or devices at once.

    No additional hardware needed
    Unlike other solutions on the market, OX Protect does not require additional end-user hardware. Malware protection and all parental control options are applied on a DNS level.

    What’s New in General and Feature Overviews
    Open-Xchange now provides more detailed overviews, data sheets and product guides, relating to new product releases. These can be found at

    Pricing and Availability
    In order to evaluate OX Protect please contact Open-Xchange Sales. Your Open-Xchange Sales rep can provide you with pricing information and license keys.

    Shipped packages and versions
    • Open-Xchange Protect (Middleware) v1.0.0-rev2
    • Open-Xchange Notification Center v1.0.0-rev2

    Complete Release Notes
    Download and Installation
    For further details about requirements, download and installation, Middleware and Notification Center configuration, client branding and deployment, please refer to the documentation provided: