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Open-Xchange releases OX Drive app v2.8.0 for Android

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  • Open-Xchange releases OX Drive app v2.8.0 for Android

    Open-Xchange releases OX Drive app v2.8.0 for Android

    Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the release of OX Drive app v2.8.0 for Android.

    OX Drive enables users to synchronize files between a variety of devices (phones, tablets and laptops) and OX App Suite. OX Drive consists of two elements: the OX Drive component that is built into OX App Suite and the native OX Drive Apps. These are designed to work together and ensure high usability and a seamless customer experience on different devices.

    What's new in OX Drive 2.8.0
    • The whole user interface (UI) has been reviewed and has seen a significant facelift: We have replaced many of the custom UI elements with native Android layouts to deliver a more native and intuitive user experience. The grid view has also been completely renewed: The tiles are now bigger and file types are represented by newly designed icons. The same applies to all menu icons: We have also completely replaced the icon set.
    • To reduce complexity and enhance the user experience even further, functionality that is already integrated in Android's system settings is no longer duplicated in the app menus. This allowed us to slim down many menus (especially the navigation drawer) and it makes it easier for the users to quickly find their way around the app.
    • To comply with the new GDPR regulations, the database is now completely deleted when logging out. The privacy policy, as well as the general terms and conditions, are now also available offline.
    • We reviewed and enhanced the usage flow for Search, Sorting and for Automatic Camera Upload to make it more simple and intuitive to use.
    • The colour scheme and app iconography have also been streamlined with Open-Xchanges latest e-Mail app to guarantee a seamless experience.

    Shipped Packages and Version:
    • Open-Xchange OX Drive for Android v2.8.0

    For details on how to install and update OX Drive please refer to the instructions here: