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Open-Xchange discontinues support for Open-Xchange Server 6

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  • Open-Xchange discontinues support for Open-Xchange Server 6

    Open-Xchange discontinues support for Open-Xchange Server 6

    We would like to notify you that support for the following products will be discontinued from the 31st. March 2019:
    Open-Xchange Server 6, OX Hosting Edition, OX Server Edition, OX Mobile Web Interface and OX Notifier.

    Open-Xchange Server 6, OX Hosting Edition and OX Server Edition, was the first generation of scalable email and collaboration software produced by Open-Xchange for hosted environments. Our second-generation product, OX App Suite, launched five years ago in early 2013, and as a consequence we have decided to discontinue support of Open-Xchange Server 6 and end all maintenance activities.

    Please note: Open-Xchange Server 6 packages will still be available on our software repositories and will work with the middleware version v7.8.4. but we will not provide any support and maintenance activities. Of course, Open-Xchange is going to keep the Open Source software of those products available to the public.

    Upgrading to OX App Suite

    OX App Suite is a modular platform designed to deliver a wide range of cloud-based services for telcos, hosters, and other providers. It includes email, file sharing, calendar & collaboration, text creation, time management, and storage solutions.

    Available as either a hosted or an on-premises solution, OX App Suite is a highly scalable white-label platform that greatly increases user engagement and satisfaction. This enables providers to maximize their revenue by increasing customer retention, upselling, advertising potential and re-circulation.

    Open-Xchange develops secure and open communication and collaboration software together with IMAP and DNS solutions. Hundreds of millions of users worldwide use Open-Xchange products at home, at work, and on the go.

    Check out the product pages for more information

    Pricing and Availability

    Open-Xchange App Suite is available via our normal distribution channels.

    Documentation and other information is available on the Open-Xchange OXpedia:

    To discuss upgrading to OX App Suite, or for any other queries, please contact Open-Xchange Sales.