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OX Drive Shared folder on Windows 7 and 8.1

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  • OX Drive Shared folder on Windows 7 and 8.1

    unfortunately on OX Drive installed on Win 7 and 8.1 we did NOT find the shared folders.

    The only way was to map it through Open-Xchange Updater'; Setting\Infostore -->
    this is quite cumbersome as it requires to install additional stuff from MS, and quite complicated
    for the end user.

    On the other hand it works find e.g. on iOS, where also the shared folders are available.

    Are there any plans to include the shared folder directly into the OX Drive?

    It will be quite a challenge to convince our SMB client to use it if the Dropbox or Google Drive is much
    easier to setup.


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    Hi Teodor,

    the OX Drive clients do not include shared and public folders at this moment. Only your personal tree is synchronized.

    The OX Drive (storage) can still be accessed using WebDAV where you have access to all folders you are allowed to read. But it's also not sychronization but only online access.

    What you are saying about iOS is news to me (but I don't have an Apple device). To my knowledge shared folders are not supported in any Drive client.

    And yes, being able to access and synchronize shared and public folders is planned but I have no exact information when it will be available.


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      Thank you Wolfgang for your quick reply.

      It's a big pity you have no exact time-frame when you're planning to implement the shared and public folders.

      For SMBs it's a must, OX App Suite should be about collaboration. OX Drive don't support that
      Using OX Drive through browser (e.g. downloading editing an XLS file and uploading it back) even with drag and drop is
      quite complicated -- goes against the simplicity of OX App Suite

      Meanwhile we're gonna have to disable the OX Drive and unfortunately we're gonna have to use other service,
      in all probability OwnCloud. But again for setting up a shared folders credentials the customer will have to use a different UI
      Later perhaps we're come up with the same UI as OX App Suite have...



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        Dear Wolfgang,
        I'm sorry (mea maxima culpa) the shared folder sync does NOT work on iOS either.
        I made a mistake while testing this feature.

        Have a nice day,


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          Hi Wolfgang,
          i am using ox-app suite for a bunch of 10 users, that are working together on that platform. most of those users work mobile, so they use the web-interface only. about 3, use ox drive on their local machines and do urgently want to use a regular windows explorer to work with their documents. webdav is either too tricky, or i still haven't found a proper syntax to connect a Volume with webdav.
          Do you have any tip, with what syntax i am to connect a webdav-client? I have already given up on https, and use http via a Site-to-Site connection to have it safer.
          I am using a syntax like: https://servername.tld/webdav/123 (that I have from my contact-properties). I am being asked for credentials, enter them - and now i am waiting for 45mins to get the connection. still trying.
          Thanks for any help on webdav.
          best regards