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AppSuite : WindowsPhone : Battery troubles

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  • AppSuite : WindowsPhone : Battery troubles

    Hi all

    I know WindowsPhone is still far behind Android and IOS, but I would know if you've find problem with WindowsPhone and OpenXchange.

    There are several weeks I opened a BUG [34275] because OX configured with Exchange mode (Push) on a WindowsPhone drained the battery in 2 hours maximum.

    The problem has been fixed, but not completely (I think).

    I unplug my phone with a 100% charge to 6am in the morning and at 2pm the battery is at 10%.
    The same configuration with Google Apps, my battery is at 58% in the evening at 10pm.

    Google (alway not moving to OX) is my main account, so I receives 30 or 40 mails on the day.
    Open-Xchange is not my main account and I get 1 or 2 mails on the day.

    It's complicated to reopen the Bug, because I do not have specific evidence.
    I can just see when OX is PUSH the battery drains much faster than when GOOGLE is PUSH.

    If someone have the same situation with WindowsPhone that interests me.
    Or if someone can tell me if I just need to reopen the BUG with my sentiment.

    Bests Regards