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  • AppSuite HANGS SERVER - Cyrus Imap

    Just today I was able to reproduce an AppSuite problem that I have seen in other OX servers. While using EmClient i tried to mark more than 4k emails as read!. After that , went to the AppSuite webmail and it was not able to read any folder . I opened a terminal and saw by usint "top" that heavy loads were created by a JAVA process that was consumming all the CPU. Server went down and unreacheable and had to reboot it to get it back.
    After trying to read several times through AppSuite and reboot the servers, gave up on the application. Disabled access to AppSuite from the server and now is running using standard Outlook and old OX6. Had to disable since any access from AppSuite hangs the server.

    Have to say that performance is not the same as before but the service is running.

    Need help on this matter, seems that Java is the main cause; but certainly this problem was triggered by an email client tagging large amount of emails as read!.