Hey Guys, i have some trouble with changing passwords from users of the appsuite and imap users.
I tried it with open-xchange-passwordchange-script.
So all password changes have to be done through a custom self made script.

OK, fine. I made a test script, that should just create a test file in /root/ and put the path in /opt/open-xchange/etc/change_pwd_script.properties.
Just created the file from the example "/bin/changepwd.sh".
com.openexchange.passwordchange.script.shellscript =/bin/changepwd.sh

The script has the correct Interpreter (#!/bin/bash) and exits with "exit 0".
So just for testing purpose after this instructions: http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?ti...sswordExternal

But, if I'm trying to change the password of a user from the web frontend, the script isn't executed but I'm getting logged out and the password hasn't been changed (because the script doesn't change it).

So does someone know how to get the script run correctly for password changing?

Thank you very much!

echo "Password Change Request!\n" > /root/password.txt
exit 0
Server-Version: 7.6.2-Rev26
Frontend Version: 7.6.2
Running on CentOS 7